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Join Us for the 15th Annual Great Lakes Mega Meet!
May 8, 9 & 10, 2014
Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI
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PRE - Registration is NOW CLOSED
Join us Mother's Day Weekend!
Did you miss pre-registration?  That's OK - it's not too late to join us!!  We close pre-registration so that we have time to print, separate and create the registration packets - so that we're ready on the first day of the show!  There are still tickets available for the Great Lakes Mega Meet! 
Click Here for a money saving coupon on admission!

I'm all registered.... but now what?
When and Where to pick up your registration materials
Registration packets for pre-registered guests can be picked up by showing either your confirmation, or your photo ID at the Pre-Registration pickup counters which will be located just outside of Hall A at the Suburban Collection Showplace. If you have Round Robin Tickets - you can pick up your packets between 5:30pm-6:00pm on Wednesday evening. All other guests can begin picking up tickets anytime beginning at 8am each day of the show. If your first event is a crop party - you will be able to pick up your registration packet in the evening before the crop party. If you are planning to purchase your tickets at the door - you can begin purchasing them at 9:15am each day of the show - and Class tickets are available beginning at 8am each day of the show.

I can't find my Confirmation?
I'm not sure I ever got one?

Some of our confirmation emails were stopped by spam filters, or immediately placed into spam/bulk/junk email folders!  If you do not have a confirmation - you can log back into the GLMM Registration System and print one directly from there.  Click on "View Registration" and then "Reprint Summary Confirmation" - then print that page!  It's as simple as that!  You can also present a photo ID to pick up your registration without a confirmation!

SaleShow Specials!!
Save Money with select exhibitors at the GLMM!
Many of our Exhibitors have Special Deals just for YOU!! Click Here to review the complete list of Show Specials... and keep checking back, as the list will continue to grow!

Exhibitors Seeking Help
Interested in working at the GLMM? Click here for a list of exhibitors who are looking for booth help!

Class Schedule  ONLINE!!
Class tickets go back on sale at 8:30am on Thursday, May 8, 2014 - check here for classes that still have tickets available!  2014 GLMM Class Schedule.


2014 Floor Plan Available!
Prepare your Plan of Attack!
We know that some of you out there are big time planners, and like to know exactly where each exhibitor will be so that you can pre-plan your route through the show floor! (If you aren't like that - it's OK - we love the free spirited visitors too!)

To view the 2014 Floor Plan, click here. For a complete list of exhibitors and the lines they plan to carry, click here.

Featured Retailers
Our Favorite Stores!
We appreciate the stores that support the Great Lakes Mega Meet by putting up posters, and putting out flyers! If you need a hard copy registration brochure, visit one of these great stores!

Find Us on FacebookDo you facebook?  Have you become a fan of the Great Lakes Mega Meet?  We are on facebook - how about you?

A Couple of Important Show Policies:
NO ROLLING TOTES!  For the safety and security of our guests.  No Rolling Totes are permitted on the Sales Floor or in Classrooms.  Rolling Totes will only be permitted  at the Crop Parties.  A bag check area will be available and staffed all show hours.  Umbrella Strollers ONLY!  Due to the crowds at the Mega Meet, we restrict to only umbrella strollers on the show floor.  The wheelbase of your stroller must fit inside the taped area near the entrance (we use an umbrella stroller to tape the wheelbase area.)  Umbrella Strollers MUST contain a child - they cannot be used as shopping carts.  Free Umbrella Strollers are available to check out if your stroller is too large to bring onto the floor.  Click for a complete list of Show Policies.

Don't want to miss any info about the GLMM?
You can still create an account with us, which places you on our mailing list.  We mail postcards to notify you when registration opens.  Click here to create your account!  If you already have an account - you can log in and verify or update your address information online as well!  For email information about upcoming events, add your email address below to receive our Email Newsflash!

Email Newsflash Service
Make sure you don't miss any breaking news from us  - just put your email address in the box below - and then answer the confirmation email that it sends you - and you won't miss any of our email announcements!

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Wondering what it's all about?
Click for photos of the fun at the very first GLMM in 2000!   
All the digital photo files we have for the GLMM are now on Flickr!  Click here to view any of the photo collections from 2003-Present! 





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